Laochra Gael - What a time to be alive


I’d take them over the lily livered, surrender monkeys who wore marron that day. Ye have been bending the knee to the blue jersey ever since fair play to ye.


I’m with you on that one.


Back when I was in college, which is the guts of 15 years ago now, Leahy gave a speech to one of the sports and social clubs over his own demons etc.

I was naturally cynical but he came across fairly well in fairness. Definitely my attitude to him softened.

I’d still call him a Tipp cunt if I saw him the day of a championship match, mind you.


Was the same Wexford hurler knocked down and seriously injured in Dublin? McDonnell or something?


Came in to train my club one year, Jesus, god help us lads he was useless. Stealing a living from coaching at the time.

We obviously knew who he was and he was a great player tbf but fuck me was he useless to take a training session. Wonder is he still floating around with some team?


If memory serves me correct, he came on against Limerick in 95 below in Cork and was stretchered off 5 minutes later.


Couldn’t agree with you less here pal. Leahy was an utter tramp in his youth but I had the privilege of his company on a few occassions after he changed his ways and found him to be an utter gentleman.
On the other hand, I spent some time in Carey’s company 3 or 4 years back and it wasn’t very pleasant.


A few questions

If I picked up the documentary correctly Duff got a 12 months ban yet he played in the 1984 final. How did that arise?

Who was better, Duff or Barney Rock?

Did he connect with the kick?

Jez lots of footage of Paddy Cullen in the show as the Dublin manager who sidelined Duff!


Spot on.

A very well got chap these days who helps every cause going. He has helped a huge amount of people battling addiction & depression.


I played against both and Duff was definitely the harder opponent. Barney was a lovely lad and was deadly with the frees and had a great poachers instinct. But Duff was the better all rounder.


Two great players. I’d not have liked to attempt to mark either.


I loved it.


I always thought fwiw that there was a hysterical overreaction to duffs dunt. It was more of a half hearted prod than a kick. Thought that at the time watching it, even as a young fella desperately wanting a galway win.


That’s a nice thing to take with you.


You did in your hole.


I actually did.


It is yeah, particularly for a moderate Garlic footballer from Waterford


I don’t think duff played the 84 final. That was footage from the 85 final they showed last night. I’m pretty sure he missed the whole 84 season.

I’d agree with @Fagan_ODowd that duff was better than rock. Rock was never the same after Liam Harman near killed him in the 86 Leinster final.


I thought that was Carlow


Carey is roundly known to be a cunt. Tbf, i couldn’t say hey or nay as I’ve never encountered him in a personal capacity.