Laois GAA- bunch of hicks turning on eachother

Have these Queens county folk no shame? Cowardly cunts.

We all know that Armagh’s Ciaran McKeever was sent off on Sunday for a mystery incident but it seems there was some very extreme provocation from one Laois player.

On St Patrick’s Day we all watched as Loughgiel Shamrocks of Antrim, led by Liam Watson, came to Dublin and walked away with the All-Ireland Club hurling crown in fine style. On the same pitch later that day Armagh’s Crossmaglen Rangers and Garrycastle of Westmeath played out a classic football final, and we will all have the pleasure of seeing two great sides go at it again soon.

So, on the surface of it, the GAA is a thriving, cross-border body with nobody having any issue about which part of this island you happened to be born on once you step out onto the pitch. And for the vast majority of members, players and supporters, that holds true.

But an incident in last weekend’s game between Armagh and Laois at O’Moore Park shows that there are still some nutcases togging out at inter-county level. According to today’s Irish Daily Star, an as yet unnamed Laois player called Armagh captain Ciaran McKeever a “British b*****d” in the tunnel at half-time. A few bars of “God Save The Queen” were also sung in his direction.

While the paper doesn’t state it, we have to assume that these provocations at least contributed to McKeever’s decision to strike out and earn his red card, a dismissal which baffled most of those in attendance.

The paper quotes an Armagh source who confirmed the incident took place. “Ciaran McKeever suffered unbelievable verbal abuse," says the source. "They went in singing God Save The Queen, said youse British b*****ds – the linesman and referee warned the player a number of times about his behaviour.”

With an Armagh man, Justin McNulty, in charge of the Laois team, he surely can’t stand for this if the allegation is proven. And it will be interesting to hear what happens if Armagh appeal the red card and further details emerge about the mystery Laois ‘sledger’.

One to watch we suspect.

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“Unnamed source”
“Irish Star”

All sounds very convenient. Few things to point out. If the linesman had heard this provocation going on, then the player in question should have been cautioned, why wasn’t he? Surely he should have been spoken to at least?

Justin McNulty, as staunch an Armagh man as you will come across, spoke about the incident on Sunday and you can be sure if God Save the Queen was being sung in the tunnel in O Moore Park it was heard all along the tunnels and dressing rooms, he would have known about it. It’d be a brave man who’d sing that anywhere around McNulty as anyone who knows him will tell you.

However while saying this, given the two players involved, I’d put nothing past either of them.


ignorant maybe, stupid certianly but cowardly?

singing god save the queen to kieran mckeever is not a bright thing to do but it certainly doesnt suggest cowardice and so it proved as mckeever went for him

If they managed to get McKeever wound up sufficiently with it that he got sent off then i say good luck to them.

Well having been there for the most of the big ball and the biggest shame on Laois was there attendance at the game they had two teams playing and didn’t turn up more armagh people there than any other

It’s all part of the game on the field.

I think the ‘British’ angle is a pretty lame slag - surprised that McKeever would let that get to him.

I was thinking that Niall McNamee could get a few bars of Kenny Rodgers’ The Gambler from corner backs this season.

You gotta know when to hold 'em…

what moany cunts the Armagh fuckers are

they are happy to be british when they are getting grants

I’d say every lad that lines up against McKeever will be learning the words of a few Loyalist songs if this is true.

Both involved are retards. McKeever the bigger retard for letting it get to him. He must be unbelievably easy to wind up.

Something doesn’t add up here. We have the player and his manager saying they dont know why he get sent off.

We have a different story in the star etc. Mc Nulty also alluded to the fact that something happened.

Expect this one to run.

I swear the GAA is being more and more pussified.

Well said.

Armagh county board claiming now that their players were subjected to “racist & sectarian” abuse including the Laois fans singing “God save the Queen”. According to Michael Carty the Laois county board have carried out an investigation and found no basis to the allegations.

Ah here is this true?! :lol:

Absolutely true.

Armagh county board are seething with the attitude of the free-staters they play :rolleyes:

Nothing about Laois fans singing anything there. Wasnt enough Laois fans there to sing anything anyway.

Armagh are startying to sound very fucking whingey now. Surprised at them.

The reference to singing was on the radio earlier. Mentioned by Michael Carty in his report on Morning Ireland. He was breathless with the excitement of it all. Later on he clarified that the singing may not have been specifically at the Laois game, but at games “in general”.

Hes a fucking simpleton.

After their lax stewarding at the Derrytresk v Dromin Pearces match and now this on top of it the Laois County Board have an awful lot ot answer for.