Laois shit gaa forest fires tolls and trolls

Where do I start really I suppose I will be passing through the toll on Sunday.

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Il keep u in my world here, so I can cut shreds off ya.

Haven’t had a good cut off you in awhile!

Are you coming onto me?

Let it all out, ya cunt ya. Its OK…

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Sumi is an unfortunate name for a doctor in these litigious times.


Sumi’s husband Matt is, how shall we say, a bit of a character on the auctioneering front. You’d want to be up early to be ahead of Matt. He was a brother in law of the great Moss Keane.


Yes. Sumi Dunne. Husband Matt Dunne.

A fucking cunt of the highest order

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Ah here🙂.

As auctioneers go

A bit of a chancer. A loveable rogue. A gas man.