Last Night of the Proms

Now on BBC 1. Get it watched - it’s not on tomorrow night. :clap:

Mad bastards singing Auld Lang Syne.

Wonderful rendition though. :clap:

Positively Gobbelsesque

Live now on BBC2, a wonderful occasion as always

Nessun Dorma was just incredible there

The last night is a tremendously strange beast. The proms in total is a wonderful thing altogether.

Stop talking shite about Baltimore and the Brazilian government love, and get on with Jerusalem.

Ugh, a selfie stick. I hope they don’t bring her back again.

A great way to end the day. Lots of Scots waving their Union Jacks in Glasgow as well.

I noted that they cut the coverage from Belfast before the jingoism really kicks in.

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We’re on again folks

the Brexit Prom

There was an epic flag giveaway battle

Disappointing lack of tricolours at the Belfast prom

We’re really into the business end now with the shanty of sea songs.

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Noticeably absent. Katie Derham is looking well tonight.

The cultured man’s Sky Sports News presenter

A fine looking woman singing now from Glasgow

The (London)Derry Air

There was plenty of her anyway

A Caledonian Princess