Last night

as I lay dreaming,
of pleasant days gone by…

My mind bein’ bent on ramblin’
To Ireland I did fly
I stepped aboard a vision,
And followed with my will
Till next I came to anchor
At the Cross near Spancil Hill.


Delighted by the novelty
Enchanted with the scene
Where in my early boyhood
Where often I had been
I thought I heard a murmur
And think I hear it still
It’s the little stream of water
That flows down Spancil Hill

Twas on the 23rd of June the day before the fair
When Ireland’s sons and daughters and friends assembled there
The young and the old the brave and the bold their duties to fulfil
At the parish church in Clooney a mile from Spancil Hill

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Amazed how you remembered there was such a thread and remembered to bump it for today.


Did it cross your mind that someone in Limerick might have been reminded by the actual fair taking place nearby?


Ah odd statement.

I’d imagine he knew the fair was on today, did a search to see was there any thread on spancil hill, found this thread, then added the relevant verse.

I’m also pretty sure KP won’t be that impressed with being called a Limerick man.

Aye, a search for the word Spancil brings up three threads in total.

Choon :clap:

For some odd reason I was humming the song on my way to work this morning… the mind works in strange ways.

My Grandfather told me many short and tall tales of trips to Spancill hill. Getting up at 3am to walk horses from Crusheen on the morning of the fair was one of them.

I can see him now recording his split times as he rounded Parkalough and wondering should he use the gel before he rounds the bend at Knockanoura.

Different times.

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For the weekend that is in it

“I went to see my neighbours to see what they might say
The old ones were all dead and gone
The young ones turning grey”


He’a as bould as ever still

He’s as bold as ever still :clap:

Smashing tune

An absolute legend of tune.

You’re an odd statement you cunt.

Went to the fair last year, opened up the spancil hill arms for the day,weird cliental, moved on to duggans pretty sharpish, not the same gig anymore

Oh he used to make me britches when I lived at Spancil Hill