Last Night

Lads, were any of you out an about in the Grafton Street area last night? I was walking up it at around midnight to get a Luas home and I saw one of the most random things.

2 lads (looked like scumbags) were just strolling down and stopped and talked to one of those lads who has the rickshaw type things. Just casual conversation, nothing strange. Then one of the scumbags just knocks yer man clean out with a punch to the side of the head. Yer man is laid flat out and the 2 lads just walk on as if nothing happened. Couple of people went over to check if yer man was ok but looked like he was out of it.

Anyone else around the area see anything like this? It happened at the junction of Grafton st and South Anne Street.

I wasn’t around there but Bandage was as far as I know. Can’t imagine he threw the punch but he may have seen it.

I didn’t see anything but I would have been strolling right along there on my way up from Kehoe’s to Ireland’s best nightspot (Copper’s) not long afterwards. Stuff like that really pisses me off and it’s often lads in groups picking out a vulnerable lad on his own. And it’s probably not worth intervening as these scumbags don’t care what they do given they’re probably off their heads. One of my mates got a right good kicking when he happened upon a lad getting beaten up on Harcourt Street a few years ago and tried to step between him and the two scumbags who were battering him.

I was knocking about, Synnotts --> Bruxelles --> Davy Byrne’s --> Porterhouse Nassau St --> Q. Moderate night, didn’t see much out of the ordinary. There were a couple of wierdos in Bruxelles but you tend to expect that these days.

It this sort of stuff that makes me proud to be Irish

Fuck you Mac. I’ll take your face and hang it on my wall you bog cunt

Bring it on lad, bring it on