Last Seasons Top Ten Football Chants

  1. “Cilla wants her teeth back.”
    Liverpool fans to Ronaldinho during Barcelona match.

  2. “Let’s talk about Cesc baby, lets talk about Flam-in-i, let’s talk about Theo Walcott, Freddie Ljungberg and Henry, let’s talk about Cesc.”
    Arsenal fans, To the tune of Salt and Pepa’s Let’s Talk About Sex.

  3. “You should have stayed in a burger!”
    Palace fans to Colchester goalkeeper Dean Gerken.

  4. “We’re gonna deep-fry your pizzas!”
    Scotland fans to their Italian counterparts.

  5. “We’ve got Dave Tilbury, He’ll paint your house for free,
    He quotes and estimates, He paints and decorates.”
    Windsor & Eton FC fans to painter and decorator Dave Tilbury who was making his 200th appearance for the club against Marlow.

  6. “Here we go, here we go, here we go,
    Youssef’s better than Junin-ee-oh
    Here we go-oh,
    Morrocan All Over The World.”
    Norwich fans’ chant to Youssef Safri, to the tune of the Quo’s Rockin’ All Over The World.

  7. “Niall Quinn’s disco pants are the best,
    They go up from his a*** to his chest,
    They’re better than Adam and the Ants,
    Niall Quinn’s disco pants!”
    Sunderland fans to chairman Niall Quinn.

  8. “Who needs Mourinho, we’ve got our physio!”
    Scunthorpe fans pay tribute to manager Nigel Adkins, the club’s old physio.

  9. “Love, Lovell tear you apart, again.”
    Aberdeen fans after Steve Lovell scored against Hearts.

  10. “Cedric Cedric show us Uras.”
    Falkirk fans to defender Cedric Uras

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He plays on the left. He plays on the right. That boy Ronaldo makes Englland look like shite.

Kevin Hunts a legend he wears the number 4
He plays for the Bohemians and he gives us so much more
He tackles with his left foot, he tackles with his right
He hates the f**king Rovers
And we think he’s dynamite

This is a classic

Oh you can freeze 500 million, and you can freeze 500 more,
Cos Thaksin’s got another billion underneath his bedroom floor,