Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror


This could be the beer talking but there seems to be a hape of fine women in the audience


Yes he did, promoted a miniature fireplace at the start so that Santa can still visit everyone even if they don’t have a fireplace due to living in a hotel room.


The singing childeren as usual letting the show down. Its not with keeping with the ethos of the night but I find an awful lot of these performing seal childeren a bit nauseating, I’d say their parents are painful fuckers.


Billy Barrie cunts


He has his marching powder on the table now.


Tubridy taking being a slimey creep to the next level tonight,


Yep. He asked that child to hug him after announcing they’d got a Holiday. Very weird behavior.


Sling your hook you fucking arsehole


Clear now why @Chucks_Nwoko is home


I nearly shed a tear then when he told the little girl she was off to America. Uplifting stuff.


Tubs is some pro.


Bobby couldn’t give a flying fuck. “ Tis no Toyota “


Just seen the nephew do a back flip…


The first rigout?
I was admiring that shirt alright


That was a bizarre segment with Brooke and Amber.


Who names a Copper Top child Amber?


Im calling it, ghey.


The first girl on tonight was the star of the show, a great ad for the delights of diversity.


Herself bawling.


What a moment :heart_eyes: