Late Late Show - Tubridy Terror



1st floor of the Montrose Book Depository


If only


Tubs is probably on his 5th line of coke. :grin:


He had to rein it in last year. It was too obvious the year before


He will be threatening the kids this year telling them they will know when he loses it.


Going past on a 46a?


Are you going watching it?


And we’re off.


Tubridy hasn’t a note in his head for singing, he’s like a crow FFS


I’ve goosebumps already. The bad ones.

The skin crawling ones


What is this cunt Tubridy doing?


Christ and I can’t even have a drink to numb the pain


What an intro. Tubs really is the Greatest Showman.


I’ll have one for you.


Tubridy feels very nervous tonight, he has not hit any kind of rhythm. I’d say he’s lost his nerve.


Tubridy fist cunt remark to some poor kid - if you shout at it it comes off quicker


He just fucked the tool belt off the table there and sounded like a pikey doing the leprechaun accent


Amazing set.

Kudos rte and late late show staff


Keep a total