Late Late Show - we go again

We go again

Whatever about the collision lad. Tubs is definitely off his face again tonight

Did those two Tipp lads ever give anything back to Tipp?

Collision plaza is going to open up across from Obama’s place shortly

@gilgamboa you said the two lads are from Limerick and we’re knocking our own again, you’re wrong they’re from Tipp. I’m glad to revise my opinion that maybe I was too harsh on them initially though, they started off very unlikeable, but the red head lad in particular is definitely alright. They are very geeky.

I didnt realise both of those lads were gay. Not knocking them…fairplay to them.

Hopefully they enjoy it.

Lads am I mental or is Tubbers off his face

I didnt realise that tbh. Your right. Absolute cunts

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Not as much as other nights

Were they not born in Moyross?

He topped up over the break anyway

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After overshooting the runway id say

Ryan will be buried in between binky and twinky in the green room in about 10 mins

There was no doubting it after that segment


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Not the best name for a service stop :thinking:

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@Funtime will have a seizure if he saw that piece


It was worse the day of the Tipp Wexford match.

It must be somewhat emotional for an ex-service man such as yourself mate? As an ex FCA man, I find this very moving.