League of Ireland 2021 - The Greatest Basket Case League In The World

The License Applications office will be busy…

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Box office

@Rocko time to reform TFK AFC.

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Is there a veterans LOI ?


Seems a mad one to try and basically take the licence off Mick. They’ve done nothing, but they haven’t gone bust either which is a fairly decent return all things considered. Surely if they wanted they could buy Mick out or a share or something. Strange.

Didn’t St Francis have a go before? Do we really need another Dublin team?

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Pat O’Sullivan might apply again :smile:

@Bandage whats a Yola?

Apparently Cabinteely won’t be a LOI club next season.

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A derby would be great in Limerick . Give us two clubs .

I’d imagine that most if not all of us who hail from the South East of Ireland have a bit of Yola in us.

Yola bai’s they are quare good

A bit of hatred would drive us on.

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The yolabellies


Carlow Kilkenny for next season

Fair play to Dela for creating the environment for these clubs to aspire to enter the LoI. That won’t be in the next hatchet job though

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