League Sunday Thread

I was watching it last night and thought that Ken McGrath was excellent. I hope to see him as a regular pundit throughout this summer on the Sunday Game. The rusty coloured slacks will have to go though. You’ll go far to meet a more genuine gentleman.

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Doubt he’ll have the heart to do a full championship season

I had the same procedure done eight years ago. Mitral valve repair. His heart is as strong as ever.

I really hoped against hope that it was an unfortunate choice of words from @thedancingbaby

He knew what he was talking about alright but, he really didn’t know. I’m referring to dancing baby here.

As I said I hope to see Ken contributing more throughout the summer.

Ken is top notch. Got to know him a little bit in my last job and had a good few conversations with him.
Having said all that someone would want to tell home not to be listening to Paul Galvins fashion advive☺

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I thought Kens jacket and trouser combo was very nice. Cutting edge alright, but he is still a young man. I hate the Ard Stiurthoir look that most GAA pundits feel obliged to dress in. Cheap grey suit, yellow shirt and matching floral tie out of a box set in Dunnes and rubber soled black shoes.

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Sure to be sure he was fagan. I personally would not have went with the rusty slacks with the jacket he was wearing but that is just my own personal taste. The slacks were fine with maybe a different coloured jacket but hey he looked very smart regardless. That’s all cosmetics anyway, it’s the content and value of his genius hurling brain is what is important. Hence why I started this thread.

Classic example of the shirt and tie combo set here, with optional green sports jacket and beige pants for that more casual look.

Fucking hell Fagan, thats about 15 years old I’d say.

I can’t listen to anybody from Waterford talk about hurling at the moment. They used to be my second team but now they’ve decided they’ve actually reinvented the game of hurling they can fuck off. Dans brothers a cunt and that manager of there’s is one serious spoofer.


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Don’t worry about it pal. We don’t aspire to be anyone’s second team, least of all a cunt like yourself.

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A smart look yes but if I’m going to be perfectly honest here I don’t particularly like the jacket, a mint coloured jacket mmm, I’m not sure.

You could have left it at that.

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I used to quite like their team in the 00s.

McGrath looked like the type of roaster you’d see pissed out of their face at Fairyhouse.


i thought of limerick races on stephen’s day when i saw him and the roasters in the cheap brown shoes and black / blue ill fitting suits

Aaron Kernan and his blandness has blended in seamlessly to RTE’s roster of GAA pundits.

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Loughie is a superb pundit.