Learning a musical instrument

Never got into getz. Coltrane all the way, I’ve an almost mint mark VI if he’s interested

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I was told you’re a great man to play the flute

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I could take that in a number of ways

You could even forget about the actual chords, just learn the power chord and move it up and down the neck when you need to.

This approach worked out very well for Nirvana.

And maybe in a year or so he might progress on to the F.
A right bastard to play starting off.Easier to bar it.

Saxophone - you’d be a real hit at parties joining into the dance tunes

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Just what we need. Another arsehole with a guitar shushing everyone so that he can sing wonderwall at us.

A savage instrument, I’d love to master one…

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I don’t think anybody with an ounce of self respect would do that.
But if you enjoy singing, even by yourself, the guitar will bring you great satisfaction,

I want to play Baker St

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Remember the Green Hen.

The kids have made savage progress on the fiddles this year so I have delusions about learning the banjo and we’ll all go on “Donnacha’s Got Talent”.


The violin is probably the best instrument to play in my opinion. Traditionally or classically. That or the piano. @Big_Dan_Campbell

I regret giving both up at around 13 years of age but it wasnt exactly the thing to be doing etc at that time. I can still play the piano but I wouldnt have a clue really what to do with a violin now. Its an instrument you cant just drop and go back to after 20 plus years.

I started playing both when I was 4 years of age. I’ve been tempted lately to get back into playing them.

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Frenchie next door didn’t know good music when he heard it. Who wouldn’t want to hear a lad learning to play Hooley in the Sun at 2am.

Would take five years solid practice to master it. The breathing takes years to get right.

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That’s my saxophonist ambitions firmly punctured then. Did anyone else note how Fagan, the sly fucker, phrased it….
“You won’t live long enough to play it you’ll bollocks”….

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I doubt you’d have the wind to play it after the dissolute life you led.


Can’t say fairer than that I suppose. :call_me_hand:

Philly mcmahons good at it

Tom Petty?