Learning a musical instrument

I have decided that I am going to try and learn how to play a musical instrument over the next six months or so as it is a skill I always wished I had. I have always had a love of music and am an ok singer and can just about hold a tune whistling or keep time with a couple of bottles.

I don’t want anything too big or too complicated and would like to try and pick it up myself with the help of a few youtube videos or online tutorials.

Anyone musical here have any suggestions - am thinking of a tin whistle, harmonica or a bodhran and see how I get on but am open to ideas.


I thought you said you were thinking of a musical instrument


Baby steps. If I can manage to play a couple of basic tunes or notes on any one of the three I might then look to graduate to something else

You’ll pick it up fine if you give it the time.

You’d be a natural for the banjo


Ukulele - you’ll be flying it in six months

The banjo is one of the most difficult instruments of the lot.

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Being from Clare he is bred for it

The extra finger for plucking does wonders.


delete. the banjo gag, been done already


If you had access to a piano you should give it a try.

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There’s an opening for somebody to play the tin whistle and uilleann pipes at the moment.

If you enjoy singing and that’s the main motivation then you may as well quit faffing around and pick up a guitar,
If you become proficient at 4 popular and easy chords (C,G,D, Em) you’ll be able to hammer away at hundreds of songs in no time before graduating to a few more (chords)


The guitar is a grand all rounder. Don’t bother with learning any theory, just get a couple of apps for tabs and tuning and belt away by numbers.

I did tin-whistle in primary school like the rest of the country but couldn’t for the life of me play something. Its one I’ve wanted to pick up for a long time again and learn a few tunes as it’s as portable an instrument as you’ll get.

On the To-Do list, it just never gets very high.

A piano accordeon would be a better fit. Hard to hump a piano from pub to pub or fleadh to fleadh. The accordeon isn’t that difficult but a few lessons would be advised at the start. Every chancer in the country can twiddle a guitar, it’s mainly used in this country to cover up bad singing.

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Just learn Wonderwall


There’s a few things we need to think about here. Firstly you don’t get to decide anything, you need to set aside silly notions about penny whistles, banani and pratie carriers. The instrument will chose you…@backinatracksuit didn’t opt to larn the guitar solo to paradise city…the spirit moved him and he had no choice in the matter. Guitar it was to be. He did however choose to buy a top hat and wear it in secret. That’s on him.
And you can shove your six months up your hole, unless you’re serious about the banjo…in which case you could learn to play 2 banjos in six months. You’ll do nothing in six months except enjoy the start of your journey

All joking aside, I took up the clarinet because I fell deeply in love with the music of Sydney Bechet, but I quit when my teacher got cross with me. Put me right off so she did…I’ve a lovely clarinet if you’re interested

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Just add the A chord to my list and you’ve got it, simple enough really

I pictured you as more of a Stan Getz type?

The Keytar is due a comeback