Leinster Hurling Championship 2024

It isn’t on them. It’s on the people who come up with a ridiculous schedule which see loads of players absolutely crocked And teams just out on their feet when the ball is thrown in.

Happened Donegal v cork last week too.

Donegal had 5 games. Cork had barely one played. Cork win easy.

Derry flying in the league and the legs gone by championship.

The stronger counties can handle it because they have invariably larger squads and more funding.

It’s shafts the weaker counties.

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They haven’t beaten Wexford by more than a point in championship (70 minutes) since 2015 so it’s more than the odd time. Wexford just match up well against them when you consider how Matthew O’ Hanlon or previously James Breen managed to shackle TJ successfully.

Their form lines were hit and miss before last night when you throw in the draw with Carlow and even Galway who were poor this year. They were fortunate enough to beat Dublin and Wexford in the round robin as well. I’m sure they’ll have a 50-50 chance against Clare if they meet in the semis though.

2007 probably the worst of the Wexford genre even though the margin was larger in 2008. At least it was competitive until half-time in 08’. Poor Skippy Ruth had a tough day of it in 07’.

And with Kilkenny.

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But all these Munster counties are considered stronger counties - Limerick, Cork, Clare, Tipperary.

It’s not the first time Kilkenny have won 5 in a row in Leinster.

They did it for first time between 1971-75 and translated that into 3 All Ireland wins in 1972, 74 and 75 with a great team, which could well have been a 4 in a row bar a serious injury crisis in advance of 1973 All Ireland.

There was a 6 in a row from 1998-93 which yielded 3 All Ireland wins in 2000, 02 & 03.

The 7 in a row from 2005-11 yielded 5 All Ireland wins including a 4 in a row.

This 5 in a row to date has yielded no All Ireland wins in last 4 seasons, 4 defeats from 6 to Munster opposition, defeats to Waterford, Cork and Limerick (x2) and even going back a little further to 2019 All Ireland Final a 14 point hammering to Tipperary.

It’s very problematic for competitiveness of Leinster that they have racked up a 5 in a row with what so far throughout that 5 in a row run has proved to be an ordinary enough team.

Galway and Wexford have a lot of soul searching to do as well. Galway gifted two Leinster finals to Kilkenny in 2020 and 2023. Wexford haven’t even managed to make a Leinster Final since winning it in 2019.

Kilkenny have 0 wins from 5 round robin games against Galway and 2 wins both 1 point from 5 round robin games against Wexford.


I don’t see how Kilkenny are in a better position than last year to trouble limerick. They drew with us and carlow (no offence) Dublin never turned up at all yesterday. They won’t get a chance to lose another final. Part of me wonders are they nearly happier with that. Limericks six in a row built on excellence, kilkennys built on being the best of a poor bunch. Galway threw away two finals away as you say. A terrible indictment.

Well from last year, blanchfieid or Carey didn’t play the final so that’s a better half back line and Donnelly and keoghan have improved massively.


Have they been tested

I don’t buy into this “Dublin didn’t turn up”.
Kk battered them.
Good enough for them after the play acting and mouthing that got Davy burke sent off.

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They were on the way to a clipping in Salthill until the sending off.


Davy Burke got Davy Burke sent off.


Blanchfieid hasn’t really played a bad game since he came into the team. And Carey did a great job marking Lee chin 2 weeks ago.

Lyons turned a blind eye conveniently to many same challenges yesterday from both Clare and Limerick.
Just saying


If your talking about will o donoghue on kelly or Hegartys one there was no head contact i either. Anyway we are 2 x bald men fighting over a comb here.

We are :sweat_smile:

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Exactly. They knew it, we knew it. Everyone knew it.

We’ll disagree there. Dublin weren’t at the races at all.