Leinster Hurling Championship 2024

I see Tom Phelan is back for Kilkenny and catapulted straight back into the line up. Thought he wasnt close to a return so will be a big boost for Kilkenny going forward. Wexford Dublin has a winner takes all feel to it this Sunday. Dublin went well in a recent challenge match vs Limerick and have Eoghan O Donnell and Donal Bourke back so will be a tricky one for Wexford but home advantage is always worth a few points to them. Can see them eking out a narrow victory if they can refrain from hitting 20 wides.


This competition is really capturing the forum’s imagination.

I just had a look at the Dublin team for tomorrow & I reckon there’s a fair argument that their starting team, with the likes of Crummey & Burke back, contains better hurlers than Wexford’s.

Obviously there are other variables - home advantage, form & match fitness, belief in the camp, options off the bench to list some - but this should be a tight game & I’m concerned Wexford are carrying a few. I also think we’ll miss that bit of heft & power Liam Ryan & Jack O’Connor bring.

Wexford will be heavily reliant on landing puck outs on Chin & Dublin should really push up, force Wexford to go long & crowd him out.

They should have played Dublin v Wexford this evening. Not everyone can stomach gaelic football, I certainly can’t regularly, besides that though its mental putting that game on at the same time as Clare v Limerick tomorrow.

The leinster hurling championship deserves better than that.


Agreed. There arent too many top class hurling matches to feast on. Wexford Dublin will be good competitive fare. It should have been on this evening at 6pm on RTE. Am I right in saying RTE didnt broadcast any GAA games today? I was only be able to catch a bit of the Derry Donegal game on BBC NI as I didnt realise it was been shown. Also Cork Kerry was on GAAgo.


They had Donegal vs Derry on alright but I gave that a wide berth.

Dublin v Wexford this weekend arguably has the most importance attached to it across the country from a hurling perspective. That fixture has just been neglected - should have been on tonight which would have got a decent audience.

People are mad to watch intercounty championship hurling. It would have been ideal to have that on ahead of tomorrows matches.


Yeah would have been a good one to whet the appetite. Back when Sky were broadcasting the games they’d always show a Leinster championship game on a Saturday night. I think their association with the GAA is missed.


100%, its a pity. Sky dropping their coverage is a loss to be honest.

The game of hurling deserves more coverage. RTE have let the game down for as long as I can remember.

Its the best game in the world when its played properly. There is nothing that comes close to it.

Tomorow hopefully will be a great testament to that. Man on man hurling. Its what everyone wants to see. Throw it in ta fuck.

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Surely the gga has failed it as a sport?

Think it was more of a case of the GAA saying thanks but no thanks to Sky and plumping behind GAAGo

The GGA prefers honest effort and cynicism these days to any bit of flair.


:thinking: :thinking:

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Yes makes no sense to have wexford dublin especially clashing with Clare limerick.
Be interesting to see how it goes. Dublin have 5/6 very good quality hurlers but a gap too the rest.
Wexford are very unreliable against teams they’d be expected to beat.


Its funny how the gga is the best sporting organisation in the world and hurling is the best sport in the world yet in 125 years of the gga, the sport of hurling has never spread beyond the counties where the british landlords promoted it

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Very hard watch a full game of GGA these days .


Would you watch 10 minutes and turn it off?

More a case of making no plans to sit down and watch it.

Better off. You can get the result online anyway, that’s the important bit

Is the Kilkenny Antrim match on TV?

Touch of an experimental line up for Galway vs Carlow. Doubt we’ll see O’Shea, John Cooney or Glennon start again this year.