Leinster Hurling Thread


Either the crowd will bail or they’ll be stumped


That Wexford team will start as named I’m hearing. A huge performance from the lads is expected. Loch Garman Abu!


2 changes, Firman and Dunne starting.


23 minutes of hurling missed because of that Tyrone Meath shitfest.


Looks like we’re joining a good one here.


I was slowly losing the will to live.


Jaclie Tyrell was talking pure shite in the Irish Times on Friday clearly.


What have we missed. Fuck it.

Wexford on fire


Hon the yellow bellies


Goal Wexford!


David Dunne is an excellent player, not sure why he doesn’t get more game time. Kilkenny are shite


Davy must of ran the fuck out of them the morning of the Galway game.


Must be some Wexford crowd at it, some roar there when Buckley was hooked.


Outstanding hook by Dunne


Wexford are like men possessed


Hurling is such a superior game to Gaelic football.


From what I’ve seen Wexford are just running amok.

Kilkenny still in this but that’s a big hill they’ve to climb now.


It has been a summer of comebacks…


Wexford looking good but KK are abject and Wexford style very limited.

Set up for Davy to come reasonably close and to be seen as having donw a great job with average hurlers, when in fact they are better than that.


Incredible. Got in from the beach around a quarter past seven, went to watch it back from the start and they were still showing that Meath v Tyrone nonsense.