Leinster Hurling Thread *


Wexford will want to tread carefully against Offaly in Tullamore.


It doesn’t really matter
Another shite Leinster team

If there are to be any shocks in this it will be Offaly catching someone on the hop, I can’t see Dublin doing a tap. A Leinster Title would represent further progress for Wexford, less so Kilkenny and Galway, but they can all breeze through as they like, straight into a quarter final against a punch-drunk, battle-weary Munster side.

Battle weary or battle hardened, there can be a fine line between the two…

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This is going to be epic and i would imagine every game will be a privilege to attend cc @The_Selfish_Giant

To pick which 3 out of Dublin Kilkenny Wexford Offaly and Galway will come out of the group is so so difficult.

I’ll take a stab at Galway Kilkenny and Wexford.


I agree in every respect.

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Is it top 2 into a leinster final and 3rd place team playoff against munster team? Looking forward to a very competitive leinster championship.

3rd will play the Munster runner up in a quarter final, as far as I know. Similarly, beaten Leinster finalist will play 3rd in Munster. Provincial winners straight through to AI SFs.

I’ve seen some posts about the 2nd and 3rd placed Munster teams potentially being battle weary / burnt out and therefore ripe to getting picked off by their Leinster equivalents.

I know the round robin games entail teams playing 4 games in 5 weeks (or 4 in 4 if you have a bye in week 1), but isn’t there a big gap then before provincial finals and AI QFs? This should leave ample recovery time.

This is the system we have lads, tough luck! Would have open draw, champions league style any day of the week but sure you have to have the Munster final sure…


The Munster championship has been holding back the progress of hurling for years now.


Holding hurling back something rotten. Sure how many AIs have Munster teams won in the last ten years?

You should know, mate. You were wearing the Jersey of the defeated county each time.

I think you’ll find not too many Munster people would disagree with you

Keep Munster

Fuck Munster


Wexford wouldn’t get out of Munster

Fuck you.


Neither will either of the 2013 all Ireland finalists .