Leitrim Football 2018


Quick question…how close to full strength would the current Leitrim squad be? I’m asking in terms of the best players in the county making themselves available.


We’re missing at least 10 id say.But ye know what fuck them.



TG4 showing highlights at 8:00 this evening


Great stuff out of Leitrim last night.

Well done lads.


Begod you’re alive… Great performance to battle to the end all right. It appears the selection process worked out ie: omitting players from certain disruptive clubs from the starting 15. Proper order too.


In the maelstrom of porter, children and grandchildren, phone calls (abusive, malign and witty) dogs going mad, goats threatning to enter uncharted waters and fuckers hurling comments there was 1 blight on the night.

Might have taken a while to wrestle betwixt memory and t’internet but I’ve found it.

I take no glory from our victory (I wasn’t playing) but I believe in being a sporting winner. To that end I’m not calling you any form of a cunt or anything like that, wishing ill on your off-spring, your wife or her sisters, your own sisters or anyone close to you. If your house burns down that’ll be an act of God.

No, No…I bear you no ill-will at all.


I lived in New York for as long as some of the Leitrim folk here lived in Leitrim, why shouldn’t i support them in the Connacht championship


See the post above. Your imaginary stats mightn’t hold up however.


OK mate, you’re taking umbrage with somebody cheering against your county here?




Craic must be good in Clarke’s


The Nobel prize for literature is practically wrapped up by @Joe_Player after that outburst.


Emlyn Mulligan says victory in The Bronx on Sunday was more important to Leitrim than it would have been to New York.

In a pulsating Connacht SFC quartr-final at Gaelic Park, the Exiles came agonisingly close to toppling Brendan Guckian’s youthful side, only for Leitrim to prevail by the narrowest of margins after extra time.

“It’s hard on them but it’s important for us and we needed that more than they did,” Mulligan, who contributed three points for the winners, told The Irish Sun. "People were saying all week, ‘It’ll be great for New York’, but I don’t see that to be honest.

"We have green and gold blood running through us, every one of us, and no disrespect to New York but some of those lads are over for the summer on holiday visas. They don’t have the same passion.

“Our young lads, 19- and 20-year-olds, needed that and the whole county needed it because it would have been a big setback for us had we lost.”


If anyone should know the American set up, it’s Emlyn who took a year out from his beloved county in 2015 to go travelling and play football in Boston.


He’s a bollox, a very good footballer but still a bollox.


Leitrim vs Roscommon is on at 5.30 on Saturday 26th May in Carrick.

Brought forward from 7.00 presumably to avoid a clash with the Champions League final


Juniors beaten 0-17 to 0-8 by Mayo this evening


First we took Manhattan . Next we take Elphin .