Leitrim Football 2018


A and B qualifier systems removed.

Open draw with no restrictions for the qualifiers.


Hopefully all of them


I know that but still 4 weeks if they lose on Saturday. Qualifier is on 23rd June


Them all you’d imagine. There’s hay and turf to be gathered at home and there’s fuck all of that in NYC or Boston.

If it’s to kick football meh, best not go there.



Check out @ClubPlayerAssoc’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ClubPlayerAssoc/status/998931200554217472?s=09


Frank, the proud GAA man, is obviously doing the Mohill gig out of the goodness of his heart.




Outnumbered by about 5 to 1 here :astonished:


3 changes.

Alan Armstrong for Oisin Madden
Noel Plunkett for Ryan O’Rourke
Aidan Flynn for Darragh Rooney




Not looking good @thedancingbaby.We need to bring on a few subs ryan o Rourke first.Mulligan needs to take over the frees.


0-9 to 0-2 down at half time.

We’ve passed up at least 1-4. Swap the free takers and we’d be ahead.

Roscommon are a shadow of the side that won Connacht


Playing wrynn at ff has backfired badly on benny.If we had the breeze is one thing but lumping high ball into a ff against the wind is comical shit.


10 pts down and still playing with 3 sweepers.3 fuckin sweepers.Fuck you benjy your useless cunt.Take that baseball have and shove it up your fuckin hole on your way out the door you useless cunt


We seemed to be stuck on 0-02 for an entirety last Saturday evening.

Also a very strange team selection.


Shure we should have been 1-02 to no score after 5 minutes.


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