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Robbing old wimmin,what an utter cunt.This surely warrants a jail sentence

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It’s great the way the legal profession police themselves.


I have to confess that I’ve known the principal in this case since her infancy and was even a guest at her wedding the day before KK destroyed WD. This wedding is documented in the wedding etiquette thread.

This is a bad business as, while the missing monies will be recovered via The Law Society insurers, many decent folk are awaiting disbursements from other sales. There is another nugget not revealed in today’s paper and that is the question of what’s called in the US as ‘The Bar Exam’….

There have been suspicions and whispers of this for years but apparently there’s a smoking gun out there.

There’s plenty of add-ons relative to this story but they’re all for another day,


My father would hard been a big supporter of her Dad, not necessarily due to his personality but more due to the fact he was the local Fianna Fáil TD.

He canvassed all over for him and by the end he was fed up with the Ellis family, although he thought Mrs Ellis was a nice lady.

Grass - licked - it - etc.

It’s gonna be epic. No confirmation from Zelensky as yet but nothing would surprise me….


Denis Taylor :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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An electric mini bus full of TFK posters will leave Fingal at 11am for the big event

There’s no need to panic, it’s gonna be a full weekend of it with the celebrities staying around to mingle with the natives, savour some rugby on Saturday and take in the LM / LS clash in Pairc Seán on the Sunday.


A lad on the Fenagh side of Mohill died suddenly over night. I’d estimate around 55. A grand lad and very chatty to talk to.

Not sure if you know him.

As decent a skin as ever wore shoes God be good to him. He’d have been a brother of Catherine Charles whom I’d say you know. A lovely fella the light of Heaven to him.

Another sad passing in Mohill today.

Another young man in his 50’s, who tragically battled Alzheimer’s for the last number of years has passed away.

I recall him in his health years ago selling GAA Lotto tickets and he was a very sound fella. He leaves a wife and a few kids, in their 20’s now.

He was married into the Fitzpatricks who own a pub in the town so from them alone there will be a huge turnout.

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Saw that earlier, a long tough road comes to a finale - a mercy to his family.
We’re down an elder statesman as well, Ml McKeon a brother of the late Fr.Jimmy’s.
His wife only passed away in January so it’s been a tough start to 2023 for the family. RIP to all.


This came up on my feed today, a mineral bar in a Co, Leitrim dance hall. @Boxtyeater is that you with the hungry eye on the innocent yung wan working the straw :slight_smile:

No. That’s the Rainbow in Glenfarne - more @Massey territory. The Mayflower in Drumshanbo, Cloudland Rooskey, The Wonderland in Bawnboy were the hot venues of the early 60’s.

Bundoran the August weekend was a must - rammed (with) randy young Nordies if you follow​:wink::dart:


No bother to ya hup! :wink:

What was the name of the one the Mohill side of Fenagh?


Initially Fenaghville from the late ‘40’s until a renovation about 1966 and a rebrand as The Ivy Leaf.
A returned Yank Patsy Conboy was the owner. It was a dancing Mecca in the ‘50’s as there was no dances during Lent in the adjoining diocese of Kilmore. Kilmore encompassed from Ballinamore to east Cavan and they flocked to The Villa……
A local wag once proclaimed that “there wouldn’t be a cock of hay safe within a mile of the Villa in the summertime”……


Ha ha! Brilliant!

As my late great uncle once said:

‘It’s a long time since I put up a cock’

Of hay he was referring to of course.

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I was at manys a school disco there in the early 90s.Yer man drinking the cidona looks very familiar.

We always called the Rucks of hay up our way.