Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


A walking cunt. Crushing it no doubt.

This cunt wants to buy the NY Jets and wont stop til he does.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Where is the GIF Enda… FFS.


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FAO of @backinatracksuit, @AppleCrumbled, @Watchyourtoes, @ironmoth:


Thanks @Bandage that is inspiring.


“Liked” to get you closer to 50 likes in total.


Thanks. This morning while in the office I got an “on a roll” badge. I’d a pep in my step the whole day.


I’m clearly not as bright as you think, I haven’t a fuckin iota what that means :flushed:


It means the kids won’t like every meal you cook and your peers won’t like every pair of tackies you buy. But if you keep the faith, keep learning from your experiences and maintain your focus and desire then you’ll invariably get more positive feedback than not and the setbacks will be few and far between.


Jesus… You stopped me in my tracks there.



Beautiful, But how is that going to be of use to applecrumbled?


@Bandage will mentor him.



Im sure a project financier and deal maker will enjoy this derivative of a theme


I sure can, pal. I sure can.


That’s a serious post mate.


It was unbelievable, the fact that it was directed at me and therefore that brainpower was focussed on my life is something I am honoured by, still can’t understand why anybody would dislike my tackles though, they’re all class.


I see Bressie is launching a book tonight written by a mother of a 15year old who committed suicide.
I wonder how much of a fee the cunt asked for


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I’d say you have a great way about you on the dancefloor.