Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


I was in an afterpary last week. The women were hanging off me, beautiful eastern europeans, did I ever mention I am a fantastic dancer?


I just knew mate




:joy::joy::joy::joy: holeeey fuuck


I like what he is doing there


Is he giving up bogroll? Dock leaves are more sustainable alright but I don’t know how they’d flush.




Pity that’s somewhere in wesht Limrick, the Runt would you give any man a run for their money.



Everyday is a rough day for a singleton living in a bedsit one would imagine


How long can he keep taking these headshots?
It’s hard work picking those strawberries with a rancid gut and destroyed liver, give him a break



Cutting edge from Enda


I dont like the dark creepy forest up ahead. Turn back


I like the way he signs it


We had this cunts number from a long way back.


that applies to the likes of rugby where there are no skills




You looking in the mirror


Brilliant, just brilliant. where do you get them kid.