Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


You posted this last year as well. Which leads me to believe that you’re still battling the weightand have been consumed(oh yes) by it all year. Chins up fella. Next year is your year.


What a horrible post.

Merry Christmas to you and the family, mate.


I’d say it’s my last horrible post of the day. Happy Christmas to you too.






Pendulum summit tomorrow.

Looking forward to hearing Richard Branson explain why he has changed the name of TV3 to the utterly memorable Virgin Media TV


Enjoy it, pal. Sadly didn’t get the nod from my employer to head along this year.


There will be probably be a gate collection for the repair of necker Island following recent storm damage. Bring some loose change mate.


@Spidey the forum could badly do with a few pointers so if you could pull your top 5 ‘nuggets’ of the day and throw them up here tonight I’m sure we’d all appreciate it.


Spotted Dr Bob Rotella in the vicinity of the Convention Centre Dublin estate this morning with a Costa coffee cup in his hand.


It’s that time of the year alright. I will be there for the afternoon sessions. Just hope anyone on here with gyms, doesn’t plagiarise the quotes and emblazon them on the walls of their units in a suburban industrial estate.


Dessie Farrell looks pumped guys.


Is he the golf guru? How did you recognise him


Yes, he was very similar in person to his picture on the Pendulum Summit website.


Alan Shortt is a very very poor interviewer


Did you listen to him. Any tips, particularly about chipping


He recommended British Queens and said to dip them in cold water before going into the fryer.


SCENES. UPC has turned into UFC.