Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


No, he wasn’t saying anything when we walked past each other going in opposite directions.


Mick Wallace?


Oh ok, i thought that event would be right down your alley as a fake vacuous brown noser, maybe you couldn’t get tickets


Woah woah woah…I’m not fake.


Looks like the Pendulum summit was a big success again this year. Fair play to Frankie for keeping going in the face of adversity.


When BOI’s henchmen came for him and when RTÉ stopped allowing him shill for his Munster clients on Against the Head, he didn’t buckle. He took a puff of his inhaler and redoubled his efforts. He is what this thread is all about.



He got knocked down and he got up again.


Consistency of brand message.


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  1. I am love.

  2. I am joy.

  3. I am peace.

  4. I am mercy.

  5. I am sound (sound mind).

  6. I am clear.

  7. I am open (open minded and nonjudgmental).

  8. I am hope.

  9. I am laughter.

  10. I am abundance.

  11. I am wealth.

  12. I am wholeness

  13. I am complete

14, I am mother

15, I am friendship

  1. I am investment (I used to say employment but I realized I don’t want to work for my money I want my money to work for me).

  2. I am organization

  3. I am health

  4. I am energy

  5. I am goodness

  6. I am forgiveness.

  7. I am attraction.

  8. I am beauty.

  9. I am righteous.

  10. I am spirit.

  11. I am truth.

  12. I am light.

  13. I am kindness.

  14. I am fitness.

  15. I am wisdom.

  16. I am knowledge.

  17. I am intelligence.

  18. I am daughter.

  19. I am grace.

  20. I am nutrition.

  21. I am care.

  22. I am positive.

  23. I am present.

  24. I am position (I am positioned for greatness).

  25. I am awareness.

  26. I am loyalty.

  27. I am dedication.

  28. I am faith.

  29. I am trust.

  30. I am compassion.

  31. I am responsibility.

  32. I am understanding.

  33. I am reason.

  34. I am delight.

  35. I am pleasure.

  36. I am honesty.

  37. I am authentic.

  38. I am genuine.

  39. I am neighbor.

  40. I am security.

  41. I am prosperity.

  42. I am comfort.

  43. I am positive.

  44. I am honor.

  45. I am loyalty.

  46. I am genuine.

  47. I am authentic.

  48. I am faith.

  49. I am enlightenment.

  50. I am thanksgiving.

  51. I am gratitude.

  52. I am magnificence.

  53. I am strength.

  54. I am awake.

  55. I am brave.

  56. I am steadfast.

  57. I am family.

  58. I am complete.

  59. I am certain.

  60. I am celebration.

  61. I am blessing.

  62. I am enjoyment.

  63. I am wonderful.

  64. I am intelligence.

  65. I am power.

  66. I am pure.

  67. I am meek.

  68. I am relaxation.

  69. I am acceptance.

  70. I am fullness.

  71. I am patience.

  72. I am helper.

  73. I am teacher.

  74. I am student.

  75. I am fun.

  76. I am success.

  77. I am courage.

  78. I am brave.

  79. I am provision.

  80. I am charity.

  81. I am benevolence.

  82. I am creativity.

  83. I am life.

  84. I am competence.

  85. I am harmony.

  86. I am grace.

  87. I am passion.

  88. I am determination.

  89. I am desire.

  90. I am life.

  91. I am appreciation.

  92. I am honesty.

  93. I am freedom.

  94. I am respect.

  95. I am truth.

  96. I am worth.

  97. I am value.

  98. I am hospitality.

  99. I am giving.

  100. I am clean.

  101. I am praise.

  102. I am noble.

  103. I am just.

  104. I am attraction.

  105. I am balance.

  106. I am fairness.

  107. I am wonder.

  108. I am discernment.

  109. I am intuition.

  110. I am tranquility.

  111. I am serenity.

  112. I am fitness.

  113. I am rest.

  114. I am adoration.

  115. I am discernment.

  116. I am integrity.

  117. I am balance.

  118. I am focus.


There’s some repetition in there, mate.


Yes, mate — You need to repeat affirmations over and over until it they become your out look.


I read through them expecting to see something like “I am a cunt” in the middle of it :joy:


You are a gowl.


Affirmations dont work when you are projecting to others, mate … You need to change that to I am…