Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


Could anyone recommend any books/courses on time management? I am struggling to keep on top of work/family commitments.but feel I am not utilising my time smartly. A couple of genuine recommendations in between the tide of “thumb up your hole” type responses would be greatly appreciated.


I did an IPA time management course, was very good, is it just for yourself or would work send others?

also have a look at the habits of highly effective people book


Is that to make sure you don’t get pissed on craft beer?


yep, that and also to stay away from @Mac and @TreatyStones gay beer thread


Institute of Public Administration :grinning:

Did they give you advice on how to use your bank time and privilege days more effectively?


why would they, neither exist any more.

not like you to be 9 years behind the curve fagan


Make a few to do lists


Time is linear. Tasks aren’t

Concurrency and delegation are your friends




There’s no magic bullets, @binkybarnes. It comes down to two things - having yourself organised and avoiding procrastination.

Keep a to do list, I do a fresh one every week. I add to it as the week goes along and then carry over the unfinished tasks. Before carrying anything over be certain you really need to do it.

Secondly, you need to schedule times for your most important tasks and actually stick to those times, once you start putting things off you’re goosed.

I don’t always stick to it but when I do I find I’m really on top of getting baby bottles sterilised and getting my spreadsheets to the higher ups on time.


get up an hour earlier and spend less time on the internet


I find sitting down for 30 mins of a Sunday night and setting out the week ahead can work wonders. Simple items like throwing a few reminders into the calendar :spiral_calendar: can make the week run far smoother.

Any serious operators would also take 15 mins before the day kicks off to set the agenda for the days events.


do you meet many lads who boast ‘oh im up at 6.45 and on the road at 7 with a cofee in my hand’ ?
those lads are generally a fucking disaster.
start the day as you mean to go on. get up early. make a good shit for yourself, absolutely vital. ate a good breakfast and drink a pint of water. then plan your day.
i actually visualise the first 4 or 5 hours of my day while im making my shit in the morning.
unorganized people are usually lazy people as the task of planning seems like a chore to them.


This is just for myself. I’ll have a look at that book. Ta


Thanks for that. Some decent ideas in there. I’m a great man for doing a list in the morning, completing first task on it and then completely forgetting about it.



I find getting out of bed and doing whatever work falls in front of me til bed time to be the best way forward.


If something takes less than a minute or two to do then do it on the spot. Avoid clogging up the to do list with quick wins


It’s important to estimate the duration of a task. Tasks that require a long time need updating. Also long running tasks can be grouped with quick wins. Knock off three or four easy ones while waiting for a long one.


We had that bloke who wrote Productivity Ninja into our office for a talk - a load of shit, suitable for somebody not living in the real world “don’t answer emails after 5pm” “put a notification on your emails to expect a response time of 3hrs”