Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


Why kind of a mug answers emails after 5? You must have an awful work life balance.


30 minutes at the start of each day to update the agenda for what happened the previous day and review the week on a rolling basis.


Don’t be a slave of your calendar. Just because someone requests your time doesn’t mean you have to drop everything to accommodate it. Unless they are more senior than you of course.

Block time off in your calendar for things that you must do.


Yeah you’re right


Don’t let other people write on your to do list

Keep friday afternoons free - no meetings no work scheduled. Spill over into it if needed and now you have added 10% to your work week


Stick in dummy meetings so no cunt can book your time. Noone will be an the wiser.




what type of cunt would do that?




If you lot of wanna be millennials spent as much time working as ye did on planning working ye wouldn’t need to fucking worry about planning.
Ffs sake, I’ve never heard the likes.


Also remember.

A clever man solves problems.
A wise man avoids them.


And a public servant creates them


politicians create them

cc @glasagusban


If you drop tools to respond to something that some cunt has made urgent then you are letting him write on your to do list.


ah right!


Who didn’t create colour coded study plans instead of studying.


What’s your job? Email monkey?


That’s a very rigid outlook.


I don’t know how you do it in fairness


he doesn’t, jeeves does it for him.