Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus


Nor do I lad.


A job that I receive 100+ emails a day


And you reply to all of them promptly? :smiley:


A civil servant wouldn’t get that many in a month. I can’t get over the difference since I made to transition. I could go away for 2 weeks and land back to 15 new emails :joy:

When I was embedded in the corporate world I’d get about 70/80 per day. The only answer is to batch read them…

Set aside 30 mins in the morning to read them. The 80/20 rule applies… As in the vast majority of them can be ignored.

Do another batch read around 3pm.

Turn off outlook in the meantime or even turning off the little envelope notification can help. If some cunt really wants you, they’ll Skype you or call you etc.


is your job info@ ?


there’s no such thing as work life balance pal, just life.




I agree - The problem is emails are instantaneous and senders expect an instant response, they are on the phone if you’re not back to them in 10mins


What class of industry are you in? From the way you describe your job is set up for you to respond immediately, so the advice from the book either doesn’t apply to your job or you’re doing something wrong?


they must have fuck all else to do


I think people use emails as a form of arse covering rather than picking up a phone


Paper trail. The cunts that cc the world need shooting




Sounds like a shit place to work. Let them ring you sure.


He should try not answering emails after 5pm or putting a notification on his emails to expect a response time of 3hrs.


Work is just a thing I do to pay for life. Taking it any more seriously is a mug’s game


Anybody that thinks they have a ‘career’ has been sold a pup. It’s an insidious wormy word coined to get you to do a lot more for a little more.
‘Promotiion’ is another sparrowfart of a concept. A web for the ego, the castration of the mind and a snare for the stupid.


:clap: A genius of an idea alright.


you should go to England lads, you can earn an absolute fortune doing fuckall in management positions, there’s no accountability or anything. I have it sussed, pure bullshit. If you are any bit confident and good at bullshitting the sky is the limit, gobshites flying all over the place in business class for doing nothing


You wouldn’t be much if you couldn’t stand head and shoulders above that bundle of drips