Lessons for life from self appointed self help gurus

You’d be sick if you’d given the 299

There’s a free lesson right there for us all


A small hoop on the other hand can cause awful issues.

The basketball boys hate that

You could buy a fish tank with the savings !

Women only?

Is that not already on in Holycross each summer ?

Loads of roasters just going around saying “Well”

Patrickswell missed a trick there

An interesting chat about focus, thrash talking, big players turning up etc. (Nothing i didn’t know when, at…)

Good side hussle here; The Political Compass on Reels |

I’ve done all those things, and failed. I wouldn’t recommend it.

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Nice sentiment but the tweet caption is bizarre

Cracking advice


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Ready money is Aladdin’s lamp. Be careful what you wish for.

Harry Redknapp is speaking at the next Pendulum Summit in January