Liam Gallagher Appreciation Thread

Roll up, roll up for the reunion. At some stage in the next five years anyway.


Mancio also shared a story from his time at Manchester City, revealing that former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher thanked him for winning the Premier League in unusual fashion.

“Winning the Premier League changed City’s history. I was sitting in my office after the decisive game [against Queens Park Rangers] and Liam from Oasis came in and kissed me on the mouth!

“I didn’t have time to react.”


Liam Gallagher and Roger Daltrey on Channel 4 tonight.

Unreal. :clap:

Nostalgia. Great show actually

The twins :clap:

[QUOTE=“Nembo Kid, post: 1157948, member: 2514”]Liam Gallagher and Roger Daltrey on Channel 4 tonight.

Unreal. :clap:[/QUOTE]
Was a cracker alright. Liam looked very portly though :eek:

Chris Evans is a fucking cunt and TFI Friday was and is a cunt of a programme.

That interview where Noel Gallagher was off his head on it in no way changes that.

Liam standing for the Italian anthem. :clap:

Man of the people.

That fucking roaster banging on the table completely ruined that video, he’s in the presence of a musical genius and he takes on himself to massacre his exclusive material. Bit of fucking respect.

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Classic Liam.

Noel’s solo albums have been absolutely fucking dire.

I’m sure they’ll do a reunion but I hope to fuck they don’t. Reunion bands are dreadful.

You can hardly expect a small island in the Indian Ocean to produce many good bands.

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Ive never been an abuser - but a user

Av it

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