Limerick for Christy Ring

Let them experience winning a cup in September?


0ne all ireland in 70 years :joy:

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You’re an awful divil at times, Joe.

How many All -Irelands have Cork won in the last 70 years Joe?

Low blow Joe, low blow


alot more than 1

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Howld on there Joe me ol segosha, there’s a fatal flaw in your plan here

You are obsessed


Ah I see, you’ve changed the title from Cork to Limerick

He is a mess.

No good to us Joe. The Christy Ring final is during the summer not September.

Fuck off, you fucking fool.

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clare and their 3 All Ireland’s :joy::joy::joy::joy:

And you, fuck off too, you bigger fucking fool.


TJ is signing a five year extension :wink:


Can’t they stick to the rugby it’s what they excell at

Go way… we’d only make a bollox of that too…

You know what @Joe_Player given Wexford’s probable early exit, I would love to see Waterford win the All Ireland this year, but if they don’t, my second preference would be Clare. I think they’re a fantastic team with a monumental summer ahead of them. But threads like this and the general shite you come out with makes favouring Clare more and more difficult. Even Tipp lads don’t behave like this.
Stop demeaning your county and fuck off you fucking fool.