Limerick GAA 2019, the drive for five


Because the site is falling apart and @Rocko is more concerned about protecting minorities we will have to make a new thread.


Will we vote to keep it private again?


By virtue of being a minority, do they not need protection? I dont see what that has to do with Limerick GAA.


I don’t see what you have to do with it either but sure!


Stick to the topic.


Take Brady for a walk there before you get bit.




I’m at work. I’ll walk him at 5.30pm.

Have you anything to add about Limerick’s upcoming season.


Last year was a fluke


Ive a prediction for every other team in this years championship…



Whatever about county stuff, any word on new club managements for next season?

Beary is obviously gone from Na Piarsaigh; if he was looking for re-appointment, that seems a little harsh. Okay, they were poor against Ballygunner but they won Limerick fairly handily. Is that going to be the minimum expectation going forward?

I think Gary Kirby also stepped down in the Well. Maybe Carey back?

Any word on Brudair/Wall in Kilmallock and Murphy/Horgan in Doon? Both improved last year.

I think Jimmy Quilty is back with Blackrock.


Can you not read?


Ah here, a bit of decorum please. There was a time when Limerick couldn’t win 2 matches in a row and now talk of 2 all Ireland’s in a row. A child must learn to walk before running.


And you would be?


You;re living in the past, mate … Limerick are the greatest All Ireland champions of all time.


He sounds like a frustrated Cork man, he should fit right in.


True, beating the neanderthal dross from Tipperary is nothing to be proud of.


Does this poor lad not realise that after winning the All Ireland we went on to become World Champions with the win in Boston?


How many all Ireland’s have Limerick,am,am,am is it a big 1


What’s wrong with the usual thread @Watchyourtoes?