Limerick GAA 2023 - League, Munster & All-Ireland champions. Theyโ€™ve won the lot, even 2inarow Young Scientist of the year. Booker Prize champions 2023. The Immortals. Four-midable The ๐Ÿ

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Up Tipp


Fuck Tipp

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Plenty of cunts to walk over yet

Limerick senior hurlers will get caught/beaten twice this championship.

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Phone stuck, cant locate the right GIF

Italian Fight GIF

This one?


Thats the one


Flanagans hearing still isnโ€™t even over

Heโ€™s been named now which freezes any ongoing proceedings.

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What time did it start?

Hannon? :popcorn:

Hannons scan was missed up too. Groin I think so presume heโ€™ll be ruled out

Big news coming out

Hannon is starting.

Flanagan has been cleared.