Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


So it’s just Dowling that you despise, thanks for clarifying.

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I’ve no hatred for na pairsigh. I’d say peter Casey is probably one of my favourite hurlers to watch at the moment.


I don’t despise Dowling at all. I don’t no him that well I’ve meet him a few times he seems like a grand fella.


I dont know where you made the other comments i’m useless on that search thing but found these three … I dont know if you were taking the piss or what but there was loads of posts from you that were anti NaP lads getting a game for the final.


You’ve edited and cut comments from a private group I’ve left.


And I took issue with glasses comment saying I’d be sickened if any sub came on. I clearly said I’d fully support any lad that came on.


Did the cup make it to the pharmacy?


And the reply to @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac was me Clearly repeating what glas had said. I told him glas said I’d be sickened if Downes came on. You’ve tried to cut and edit these comments. I’ll be getting onto your employer about a few comments youve posted on various threads.


I dont know what your game is, nor do I care … you left that private group and hung all the Limerick lads here out to dry - you are of dubious character and Glas was correct, you were against certain players coming on…

Thankfully Limerick won despite bitter lads like yourself… If it had gone the other way you would have had a field day attacking the NaP lads and would have got more joy from that than seeing Limerick win an All Ireland


I’ll give you 5 minutes to delete your cut and copied messages. I’ll send a few screens shots to Mrs o Sullivan’s extended family they’d love to see too.


Mrs O’Sullivan is having very serious surgery tomorrow so I wouldnt hold off if I were you just in case it doesnt go the way we hope it will.


No I won’t be holding off you either delete your comments and admit you deliberately cut/copied and misquoted posts made in a private group. Your choice.


Shove it up your bollox .

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I’ll also be getting on to Mary I And your employers in cork. You really shouldn’t have tried this trick.


Disappointing to see such infighting.

Incredibly disappointing.

Carry on :popcorn:


Look, i’m not derailing this thread with shite — your card has been marked as a snake by every Limerick man here. We will just leave it at that and move on.


You either delete your comments or we won’t be moving on.


@Robert_Emmet has shot his togs and blocked me on twitter.

Limerick GAA - the drive for five

You are in big big trouble now @Robert_Emmet

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Limerick GAA - the drive for five
Limerick GAA - the drive for five
Limerick GAA - the drive for five
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