Limerick GAA - All-Ireland senior hurling champions 2018


We go again.




Lads I cant wait for kyle hayes and hego to absolutely bury those two maher simpletons


Anybody heading to the football on Saturday? I’m thinking of heading in and sleeping in the Mackey stand Saturday night.


A very annoying time clash with the FA Cup final…


Could have been worse. Could have clashed with the wedding



Sleep in the new toilets :slight_smile:


The new padded seats in the VIP section are your best bet.


I made a balls of it this year. Booked the holidays to fly out may 18th for a week. Forgot about the new format. I’m sure I’ll find a paddy whackery pub in Portugal that’ll show it


Booked a holiday from May 22nd for a week. Informed herself flights cheaper midweek which was true. Conveniently I’ll make the Tipp and Cork games now also :grinning:




What do people think the team will be?


Hearing we’ve two major injury doubts.


Thinking about it alright. Hard to motivate myself for it, but I might reward myself with a few pints in town after


Don’t go mad Saturday night you’ll regret it Sunday morning




Casey full back. O’Donovan midfield. Mulcahy corner. Then all the lads that played league


Sickening to think i might have to go into the Mackey stand instead of the Open Stand on Sunday. Are they expecting heavy showers?

I can’t wait for this regardless and confident of picking up the 3pts.


It’s a padded cell we need.


Best of luck to Limerick at the weekend, I hope you hammer the cunts.