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We go again…

Unreal. Serious posting

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All sincere stuff too. …

Great a simpleton from tipp had the last few posts on a thread. So when will we reach 10 thousand posts again? Over/unders first of June 2017.

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We’ll have more sequels and prequels then Rocky and star wars put together

I’ll bet that it’ll hit 10,000 before yee win an All Ireland


Hi guys.

The mother wouldn’t be a big sports fan but tips along to the odd hurling match… anyway she was giving me the low down on Limerick in the wake of the Clare match… They’re not a bad team apparently and they just need organization… However, some of the backs are an awful size apparently and don’t look fit she tells me :joy:


Is your mother looking for a job?


My man on the ground in New York informs me numerous hurlers from Limerick have been landing the last week in America. Doon have been particularly hard hit with no fewer than 4 lads after heading off. That is not good news for nap.

A quick count would say 15 of the senior hurling & football panels are in the US now

And the rest of the panel are in 5b


It’s well known Doon are throwing that game against Ballybrown to get NAP out. It’s an un-written rule if you like. They mightn’t be saying it in their huddle before the match but players and mgmt both know the hidden agenda. Players that are gone to america won’t be back for that match but will be for the one after.

So Ballybrown are a NAP?


They can throw all they like. They still won’t win the county.

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I agree, bunch of windy fuckers when it comes down to it …

That’s why they’re a small club.

You can get a look at all the lads over there on this

From a quick look through
The Well will be down O’Brien, Lynch and Byrnes.
Doon - O’Donovan, R English
Adare - D Hannon
Killmallock - Jake Mulcahy , Webb O’Rourke
Ahane - Morrissey x2
Sth Libs - Nash
Na Piarsaig - All stayed at home with their mammies

A lot of Limerick footballers over there as well and Gearoid Hegarty who isnt going to stick around for junior hurling


Good post. Interesting read

Brynes isn’t gone and pat Ryan is.