Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


Absolutely buzzing about the repeat of the West Junior final.


When will that be on?


20th I think


It’ll probably attract a bigger crowd than the senior county final.

Heartbreak for whoever gets beaten, unbridled joy for the victors.


Can’t be ; must be a Sunday


The year Drom won it, it was on a Saturday.

Milford GAA site has it down for the 20th also


Disgrace if it’s on a Saturday.

3.30pm on a Sunday is its rightful place.


They’ll probably have the throw in at 12 to avoid trouble from crowds spilling out of the bar


The gate receipts will cover the holiday to Cancun.


Attendance be over 1k anyway I’d say.

They’ll be timber!


I might go out myself


I’m calling it now - a draw.

With a lucrative, money spinning replay.


What’s the story with the Sporting Limerick live feed? Getting nothing here.



Kevin O’Donnell and young Houlihan in for the Balbec.


Working for me.


ok not working off the website for me


cheers pal


it’s gone offline now


How did O’Reilly get that much space? He’s lethal if you give him space to run ffs.