Limerick GAA - knocked down, but will get up again

First post… Yessss!

Fixed the title for you mate

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@anon32894817 - it was just a friendly :+1: in reply to your like … i’ll unblock in due course.


I’ve been threatened online … can the guards do anything about this?

T’internet is serious business, as well you know

Report him to yahoo?

cc @BenShermin


I can see the guards getting involved here



It was a shoddy hatchet job he tried to do on @anon32894817, you dont attack a mans internet persona in such a haphazard manner. You end him with one blow or you don’t swing at all.

Are they bringing the trophy to Tipp again?

I wouldn’t mind only it was not an accidental misquote he done it on purpose.

All year hopefully …

It was wicked, I was shaken to my core reading it.

Probably should have blocked me on linked in first.

Do I have one of those?

Surely announcing a homecoming in Askeaton?

We have @Breaking_my_balls on our side.

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remember if you have his he has yours.