Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season





Go on…?


You denigrated Limerick’s All Ireland Senior victory saying that a Junior B title in Warwickshire would mean more to you and then you are dismissive of Kildimo-Pallaskenry’s achievement in reaching a County Junior final. I think you’re working with a mixed message here.


I think you’re being a bit of a scallywag here. He said if I recall, that a Junior B win on a team he was playing on, would mean more to him than an All Ireland victory by the Galway Senior Hurling team. That is his right to feel that way if he wishes.

For what its worth, I’d agree to an extent, but then I’d know nothing of what an All Ireland Senior win would feel like.


I am with Flatty on this. It’s a Junior FOOTBALL final in Limerick. It means fuck all to hurling people. Knowing Limerick he will pick up a career ending injury playing that stupid thing.


Gods make their own importance.


But can they heal cruciates?


Cruciates are a piece of piss nowadays, Brogan was back within weeks.


Ok its the mental breakdown he will need to recover from


He hasn’t played football in years, he would have been handy enough when he was a young fella alright.

He definitely made a big impact when he came on, scored a goal but also set one up. Just his sheer athleticism makes him a real handful, and laid off a few other balls, intelligent use of possession.


He’s the best footballer in Ireland right now.


The lads were comparing Kyle Hayes to the all conquering Keith deller.
Kyle, I pointed out, is merely in the junior a football final. He has won nothing yet.


You have a very short memory for a Galway man.


It comes in handy. The point stands. Have ye limerick lads drunk the last of your intelligence?


Junior B Football Replay changed to Wednesday 17th in Mick Neville @dodgy_keeper


Eric Bristow


See you there, kid.


Keith deller.


Right :+1: