Limerick GAA - Guard of honour season


I’d agree.


Are the management team likely to step down en masse after next year?

Will have put down three years of savage commitment, have an All-Ireland won, can go out with heads held high.

Going to be some boots to fill.


I’m going to put my hat into the ring. I’ve been going well on football manager in the past few months.


Those lads will manage themselves and still do 5 in a row.
All they need is a bus driver and someone to wash the gear


And someone to bring extra helmets, shorts, socks, boots… Apparently the amount of times fellas turned up to matches with hurleys and basically nothing else was scandalous.



Christ that Griffin fella seems like a right pest,I hope he doesn’t post here.



The worst kind of animals. Kiely knew.


Ancient history pal.


I heard yesterday that there was a member of the appeals committee very closely connected to the Ballylanders team…



Heard the same last night, if it’s true then it really throws into doubt the integrity of the “independent appeals committee”.


Wooly will get a full podcast out of this if it turns out to be true!




Who was that?




@Copper_pipe has informed me!


I’ll take a pm


Looking forward to a traditional Patrickswell v Kilmallock county senior hurling final…


Have you got Gaelic Games Hurling out on the PlayStation 2 ? :grinning: