Limerick GAA - it's Box Office - Always Has Been, Always Will Be


Hon the treaty!

Limerick GAA - The madness continues
Limerick GAA - The saga continues



Is this the official thread Mick?


We’ll see


:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: if by some miracle we bate them.on Saturday, we’ll have to open another one by Tuesday morning


It won’t be a miracle if we beat Kk .


What will it be called?


Dunno ask @Ashman


An awakening


Limerick killed hurling


We’re going to save hurling on Saturday and usher in a new period of revolution years.


The eight wonder.


No, ye are going to kill it. Ye will dominate for the next 20 years and people will be fed up looking at ye. We’ll be sick to the back teeth, listening to Kiely telling us how serious a team the opposition is and then beating the 25 points.


If we ever manage to win one, we won’t be seen again for a decade


One is no good. You have to do a back to back to be called a great team. We haven’t had a great team since '88. Poor auld Tipp are waiting since 1965!


One and done.


Trust me on this one lad. I got the gift from my grandmother who touched Biddy Earley’s bottle. Once ye get the taste of it, ye’ll all abstain from alcohol for the next 20 years and dominate hurling.


A cloudy evening g forecast and temperatures of around 17 degrees at throw in with 78% humidity.
You never know


Are you going tonight


No Joe. Ill listen to it.