Limerick GAA - knocked down, but will get up again

Another wedding the weekend of the Wexford game! :smile: :see_no_evil:

Will miss Davy and Lee Chin clapping on the champions.

I’ve written off the league campaign. Stay up and anything else is a bonus. Pity we’ve only two of the five games at home.

Wexford away is probably the least glamorous game we could have got as a league opener.

Bring back 1B and trips to Killarney, Portlaoise, Cushendall, Ballycastle - all is forgiven.

Football fixtures are fairly poor. Ruislip is the same weekend as Wexford in hurling. I wanted Derry away for a trip to Celtic Park but we have them at home. Ditto a weekend in Belfast not forthcoming either as we’ve them at home also.

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It’s actually a pretty poor set of fixtures really. Kilkenny away for me is the pick of the lot anyways. Clare in Ennis again has the potential to be a humdinger or a complete damp squib.

Anyone could get relegated really if they don’t hit it running. Wexford would be my pick as weakest of the group but will doubtless be in fine fettle for winter hurling.

Poor fixtures but we’ve won the All-Ireland so I’ll take them.

Let all the other cunts worry about us! :ronnyroar:

Whoever wins the county title I hope they get dumped out of the Munster club pronto.


@Robert_Emmet has sent a heart felt message to the Limerick brigade stating that he is leaving the site as he is having his private life and details threatened - it was all only a laugh but some lads cant hack it and take it too seriously.He has a pregnant wife and family to provide for and cant risk it …

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Shocking stuff.

He was asked politely to remove his messages and he didn’t. It was own choice. He got make a song and dance about leaving all he wants. He cut, copied and misquoted private messages. I asked three times to remove them. He won’t be missed he’s a simpleton.


Could you not misquote him back instead of threatening a mans livelihood?

Absolute cunts trick

No I wouldn’t deliberately mislead anybody or misquote somebody. Particularly when they were private messages from a group I don’t have access to anymore. I asked him politely to remove the comments he decided to act the hard man. I was left with no choice.

Are the club championships not being run off before Christmas this year?

I’m fucking off as well if this is the lengths lads will go to for an auld internet persona.

I’ve got a young family as well.

You’ve left yourself down badly here, like you did a few weeks ago

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If you are packing your bags too it means I’ve driven two of the biggest simpletons on here away for a while and we can have some peace.

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You can make that three you cunt.

The fact @Robert_Emmet is posting away in his private group pleading with lads to leave with him says a lot about him and his character.

Some of the stuff being said in there is fucking despicable, watch out for that @Esteban_de_la_Sexfac creep in particular.


Calm down you fucking drama queen.

No, not as far as I know.

The cat burglar edited a few PMs from me before. He’s a dull cunt really when he has to resort to unfunny shite like that. Ban the prick.

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Absolutely box office. :clap::clap: