Limerick GAA - the drive for five


Yes . You are correct . SKC have some hex on ASR .


Think ASR mounted a decent comeback in the second half, remember Hannon winning a number of frees from running at the Kieran’s backs.


They were swapped around a lot from match to match in fairness.




Ye but if you bring in bangers to leave seanie tobin on thebench, its a bit ridikalous.


Rubbish. First time I saw him play was out in mungret, got a free well out beyond the 21, my father said to me “watch this, goal”. He went for a goal from every 21, it killed games.


So he scored a 21 once when you were watching from a mishit attempt at a point?


Stop trying so hard. I’d say Canning scored goals for fun from 21s at underage level.


What kind of weirdos are spending their free time playing interfirms for a place they don’t work for/in?


Jaysus mate, they’re all weirdos to you, the tradition of ringers is long established in the Irish psyche, there was great craic to be had back in the day sporting team photos with ten players or a fella with a hand covering his face, nothing weird about playing a game


Olly O’Connor used to point 65’s at the age of twelve. It used to be in the player profiles in every limerick match programme for years.


Showing my age here! I remember that😂


He was some prodigy ok by all accounts. Never took frees at adult hurling for ballybrown .


A lot of 12 year olds can do that now; sliotars have gone fair light.



I’d say you are a very unhappy person.


Olly or Leo
It defo was in Leo’s




You are the boss


They qualified under the granny rule