Limerick GAA - the drive for five


Any chance theyll show it deferred on tg4 instead of cork v tipp?


It is Neanderthal hurling from Clare. Limerick the far classier outfit. Cusack Park is fucking kip of a place, a complete hovel.


Nah they’re still showing Kerry Monaghan and flashed up that they’d be showing the Darby Laochra Gael at 6.


It was absolutely miserable weather-wise. Between the snow and the downpour, and the puddles everywhere, the second half was shit enough.

The ref must have thrown in the ball about 15 times, and usually into the exact same fucking group of players which resulted in the same thing happening. And fellas were fighting with each other just to keep warm, it seemed like.

Scores from play were hard to come by, fellas must have been so cold. The intensity was decent enough though, especially in the first 45 minutes but the last portion was miserable.

Cian Lynch was immense in the first half, his ability to get the ball into his hand is incredible. Kyle was class aswell. Peter Casey aswell, 3 points from play, could have got him involved more.

I hope to God Sean Finn is okay, he’s the best man marking back in the country, easy. O’Meara did okay on his debut but it wasn’t a day for inside forwards. Half-back line in general was pretty strong, I thought Morrissey in particular was excellent.

His brother is a long way off 2018 form though, still working hard but doesn’t look sharp.

Overall I thought we could have won it but I’m sure Clare will too. Just shite conditions though.




Cian Lynch has magical hands . In those conditions he caught everything flung at him. Genius.


He got on an unbelievable amount of ball in the first half.

I’m a bit concerned about Clares two goals. Was in the other terrace but both looked soft again.


They both should have been taken out, give away the free, smart teams do this.


I’d have to watch it again to identify how the fault but the first seemed very soft alright. Second was fairly well-worked. Both came from breaking in behind the half-back line.

We weren’t clinical enough with our own goal chances.


The first one in fairness Golden was looking to pop it off to someone but one of the inside line stepped out to cut that off and the channel towards goal opened up. He has a decent straight burst and he took it well. The second one was well-worked, more of a team effort.


Just back from that kip.

How on earth does that ground pass a health and safety audit annually? An absolute shit hole. It’s dank and depressing at the best of times but it plumbed new depths today. As you walked behind the goals to the covered terrace there was a massive pool of water in the corner that patrons had to navigate, no stewards around obviously. Miraculous nobody fell and split themselves open.

Worst county ground in the country, I’d even place Aughrim and Drogheda ahead of it. Bulldoze the place.

Brilliant to come out of the dump with something all the same. We were gone in injury time but terrific character to salvage the draw. This team will never wilt.

Take a bow Peter Casey. What a player. 0-03 from play in those conditions was phenomenal. The jersey is his now.

Even at the end when we were chasing the game he showed his calmness & intelligence. Last attack, a point down, it’s helter skelter, The Dow pulls on the ball and drives it into the full forward line, the little magician is out in front of his marker, sticks his arse into the defender, waits for the contact, over he goes and the free in is awarded. Class. He played for it beautifully and the dumb defender duly fell for it hook, line and sinker. We didn’t get him on the ball nearly enough though.

Considering the horrific conditions the handling of both sides was excellent. A real war of attrition. Hego pounced on a bad mistake and plundered an early goal. We were worth the four point half time lead. Lynch was imperious in that opening half, like a magnet. Emerged with the ball from a ridiculous amount of rucks. Few beautiful flicks thrown in too. Not as influential after the break but still got through an amount of work.

Conceded a quick fire 1-01 on the resumption. The goal was really poor defending, the Clare roaster seemed to run half the length of the pitch as our defence parted. Good finish but he should have been cleaved thirty yards from goal. Take the yellow card and the pointed free.

Our response was impressive. Settled and fired over four in a row. We looked in complete control. Then we hit a valley period in terms of scoring & the sucker punch of another goal on top of it. Game looked to be gone late on but sheer balls earned us a point and had the locals seething which was an added bonus.

Lost Finn early on. The Askeaton man came on, can’t remember him doing much but neither did his man. League debut and he didn’t look out of place. I’d give him the start against Laois. If he can survive in the west junior A bear pit he can survive against Camross and co. You can’t have enough west Limerick men on any Limerick team.

English really good again. He’s a real leader now. Tony Kelly was bate up a stick by Hannon. Paddy O’Loughlin scored a terrific point and was decent. In fairness it was a day that suited defenders with scores from play at a premium.

Malachy hooked early. Battled well but can’t see him leap frogging DOD in the pecking order by championship time. In fact he might struggle to make the 26 when Browne and WOD return.

Kyler looked like his old self. What a warrior. Scored one magical point and worked like a maniac. Hooks, blocks, harries, flicks. The Young Prince ran amok and relished the battle. He’s a future captain.

I think O’Dwyer is one of the better refs but he was poor today. You needed a strong ref but we didn’t get one. Clare were filthy at the back. Nonstop fouling off the ball and he did nothing. Cleary was hanging out of Hayes for every puckout. Ditto Jamesie O’Connor’s lover boy Jack Browne on Gillane. O’Dwyer did fuck all about it all day long. In fairness he didn’t get an ounce of help from his linesmen or umpires - (in fact the gutless linesman gave in to the crowd and over ruled the well placed umpires to award a phantom point that was originally correctly signalled wide at a vital stage of the second half too). An early yellow would have nipped all that cynical Clare stuff in the bud. How Browne didn’t pick up a second yellow for persistent fouling is a miracle. Gillane still worked hard and got on plenty of ball. Don’t think he scored from play but he looked dangerous throughout.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Pat O’Connor is one of the most horrible individuals you’ll see on a GAA pitch. A wannabe hard man who can dish it out but if he gets anything back he’s rolling around on the ground or squealing to the ref, the linesmen, the umpires. I’m sure he’s a saint off the pitch, saves kids from burning buildings etc but he’s a vile individual on a hurling pitch. Always sticking his beak in with verbals and getting involved with incidents that have nothing to do with him. An UUCOAM. His legs are beginning to go and hopefully Hayes will retire him in June.

Day couldn’t have worked out better really. Top spot secured, a gimme quarter final and then two weeks rest to the semi final.

Did I mention Cusack Park is a shit hole?




Soccer talk . Quelle surprise .


The poor lad nearly had a conniption over a puddle, he’d be as well off sticking to following the Mancs.


I agree with everything you said @dodgy_keeper was in the shed with @Watchyourtoes half time came and we were as pleased as punch, I was gasping for a smoke and a well deserved piss, after bartering with many a yahoo man I got to somthing of an exit, lit up my smoke and headed towards their excuse of a toilet. Same dump that was closed last year. Took one look from 50meters and saw the steam come out the door. Looked like a Russian sauna, had no towel so decided to piss on the outside wall, was met by men women and children in clare jerseys who had the same idea. Trying to navigate my way back at ht to @Watchyourtoes in the shed proved rather difficult. The rest is now a distant memory.


One last thing.

There’s a lovely bit of niggle developing between both sets of players and supporters.

The game in June is not going to be for the faint hearted. I doubt it will finish 15 v 15.


GIllane & Browne gave each other at least 4 digs with the hurls each. Were at each other for the whole game.


Gillane was lucky not to get the line, in fairness. He did the exact same thing as below in Cork last year and gave the defender a jab in the ribs with the hurley - on at least two occasions. He was frustrated - understandably - but he’s threading on thin ice when he does it.

To be fair to Browne he took the belts and never rolled on the ground looking for the red card. I’ll give him credit for that.


I didn’t go today and only listened to bits but I would assume the conditions today were the major contributior to the niggle. Add in a packed covered terrace and it is very fiery . Come summer the ball will be zipping and there won’t be too much niggle . Any sending off will be done to crass stupidity or bad refereeing .


Flanagan took it to another level at the very start of the game, was surprised by how blatant it was and no real call for it other than the fact he was hurled off the field by McInerney last year.