You’re a lady.

This is my gig. Now fuck off out of it.

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Dun, dun, dun dun dun dun, Limerick!!!

Just how drunk are you bro?

Dont think hes drunk. Think it might be some form of dementia

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While waking in the arms of distant waters
a new day finds me far away from home
and Limerick You’re My Lady
the one true love that I have ever known

cc @farmerinthecity

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He’s had a mental breakdown

Abbeyfale , Abbeyfale, Abbeyfale, Abbeyfale, Abbeyfale, Knocknagoshel and Duagh

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The defeat to Fulham has sent him over the edge

Susan McCann had a hell of a voice in her day.
She’d leave that oul’ hatchet Philomena Begley in the shade all day.

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Lads here haven’t a clue.

They need telling.

Sad are the homes around Garryowen…

Hopefully people will remember that there were two sides to this story and our shared tradition with the the RIC Auxiliaries

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In the days of old
When the men were bold
And the jacks was not invented
They did their load
In the middle of the road
And went off quite contented.


Did you see that on the back of a porta potty door Fagan?

I remember it from when I was a kid. It used to crack me up.

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