Limerick's Shame

Kitten stabbed in Limerick row between drunks

Date: 10 September 2008
By Nick Rabbitts

A HELPLESS young kitten was brutally stabbed and ripped apart by two drunken thugs in a city street on Sunday afternoon.
Gardai at Roxboro are investigating the new low which saw the defenceless kitten called Fifi killed in the violent incident. It is believed she was used as a pawn in a drunken argument.

The incident took place as the kitten was exploring the area around her newly adopted home near The People’s Park in Hartstonge Street around 5pm on Sunday afternoon.

Although the woman owner of the kitten did not wish to be identified, a good friend and neighbour Keith Fawcett brought the incident to the attention of the Limerick Leader.

“In the middle of the argument, one of the men brutally attacked the kitten with hands and knife, after which he threw her, still alive but badly injured, at a nearby house wall. The body then dropped two feet down onto the concrete path below. A witness heard the other man ask why he had done it, but was told it was only a f****g cat, what are you getting worried about?”

Shortly after the knifing the badly injured kitten was taken to the Treaty Veterinary Clinic in Thomondgate but she died later that evening.

Jodie Hayward, manager of Limerick’s animal welfare sanctuary said the incident left her “absolutely disgusted. We see horrific injuries to cats and kittens all the time, but never anything as bad as this. People like these have no place in society,” she said.

No arrests have yet been made. It is understood one of the men had a crucifix tattoo on his neck, and both were in their 30s. Anyone with any information should contact 061-214340.

you would think the kitten would know better than to be wandering up and around the peoples park…i wouldn’t be brave enough to go in there…

He was an outsider, pukey. Didn’t know the lie of the land.

yerrah i would say the kitten was probably talking when he should have been listening…