Lisa Smith

Home or not?

Think you need to setup a pole Mike.


  • Bring her home
  • Leave her there
  • Who?

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Bring the child home

I’ve sympathy for her family and her daughter, but watching her on tv last September, she appears to me beyond care in this country; we do not have the appropriate resources and expertise to properly help Lisa Smith. A multi agency EU treatment and rehabilitation centre needs to be established to help vulnerable people like Lisa Smith, whilst her child is cared for in Ireland by her extended family. If she was my family member I would want the appropriate level of care and protection for her…

Ireland’s responsibility

End of


Can you list out what agencies should be involved in this EU rehabilitation centre and why it should be their responsibility to look after this Irish citizen?

Honestly glas, I can’t.

We will need help with this type of issue, and the French, Belgians and other European members may have more extensive experience in dealing with those returning from Syraq.
There are citizens from most EU countries who got caught up in this mess, but we do not have the appropriate resources to respond appropriately…

Why don’t we? Why would the Belgians be more qualified at speaking to an Irish woman than the Irish?

Have a think about it. You want to pass the buck.

Lisa Smithson.

Declan Power, an ex-Army, military correspondent, was fairly livid on Morning Ireland over the press coverage this has gotten. He put the presenter completely on the back foot.

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You always have to go at media journalists on the front foot.

The woman is sick, and we do not have the appropriate care that she needs. When you need help you call on your friends. Only when she has the care she needs will she be able to live in peace with herself and the rest of the population. That’s if she wants to come here and get on with her life…

Who says she’s sick? What kind of sick is she? How do you know we don’t have the kind of care for whatever kind of sick you think she has?

I’ve rarely heard such a load of shite.

Fuck Lisa Smith.Leave her wherever the fuck she is.


What about her child

Give it to one of her non jihadi relations

He is an unmerciful stones.