Lisbon Treaty - Does Anybody Really Care?

We were given the opportunity to vote, we said no. Now why can’t Cowen and Co accept that and stop making us feel like we’ll be the ones responsible if we get thrown outta Europe.

Personally I am distgusted with our so called leaders response. He is shitting himself. If he cannot face the EU and go in and stand up for what we voted then he should p**s off.

He keeps going on about ‘uunchartered territory’, ‘we’re in a tricky situation’, ‘not sure what way forward is’. I.E. he doesn’t have a clue what to do.

Well here’s what he should do, go to the European Leader (Dictator) and tell him that we voted no, and that not only have we rejected the treaty, but that the new Hitlers of Europe from France, Germany and Italy can either accept that or else we will leave the E.U. We make an important contribution to the E.U.

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