Liverpool FC 2015/2016

Looks like Liverpool are getting their business done early this season with the signing of Milner and Ings (subject to medical).

I wonder if Rodgers has a say in his Assistant manager and first team coach replacements Looks like Hyppia and Zenden are the front runners for this job.

Our year.

Ings is a shit signing. Milner a decent one. This is our year though.

Looking that way alright.

Adam Bogdan signs. We’re going to win the league.

OUR YEAR :clap::clap::clap::pint:

Last 6 -

H v Stoke
A v Bournemouth
H v Newcastle
A v Swansea
H v Watford
A v W. Brom.

OUR YEAR :pint:

1st 7 away games

bad start and Rodgers will be gone before Christmas

[QUOTE=“balbec, post: 1160279, member: 193”]1st 7 away games

bad start and Rodgers will be gone before Christmas[/QUOTE]

I reckon he has been told already that he has the first 6 games of the season to get results or else he is gone and those first 6 fixtures don’t help him.

Citeh with €55m bid for Sterlers today.

Should get them to €60m & then bite their hand off.

Absolutely mental money for him. Problem is how we reinvest it. I would imagine that there is going to be a lot of EPL clubs plundering Europe this summer with the exchange rate being as it is.

€60 million for Sterling, City are off their rockers? Sterling had one good season and that was because of Saurez. For €60 million they can have him and all his baggage as well. Good riddance.

make him hand in a transfer request

QPR reported to have a sell on clause so this could go higher and higher as City need English players

There would be little point telling a manager hevhas six games at the start of the season or he is sacked. If that is the objective you are setting then they should have gotten rid of him last month.

Results need to pick up but there is no point setting such a short term objective and that isn’t the way these things work

They would be absolutely nuts not to take it.
Sterling is better an average and not much more. If he was spanish or italian no club in England would be looking at paying more than 15m for him.

I see it’s actually only £35m. Horsebox trying to sensationalise things by using the Euro amount.

My source.

Why is this?