Liverpool FC 2016/17/ Mousey's stag in Tipp town

Bid gone in for Newcastle midfielder Wijnaldum…

Bit of an odd signing

I haven’t seen much of him but strikes me as a very average player… If it’s for cover with Allen moving on, I’d rather to give youth a go.

He’d be more attacking than a Joe Allen type. Fairly talented but he is often anonymous in games

Indeed, he has looked a real player on occasion though, perhaps a more talented supporting cast will suit him, he’ll certainly score goals if he plays regularly.
I think he will do a job for them.

There’s probably a youtube compilation with a dodgy euro dance soundtrack doing the rounds that makes him look like the next Messi.

The Pool are also signing the Estonian captain, some lad I’ve never heard of, for 4m to cover the centre halves. Ragnar Kalvan. He’s 30.

This will be our year.

That slimey little creep Fabregas almost put this lad out of circulation last night.

Typical cowardly behaviour from Fabregas.
The big Estonian was fine after it though. This lad could be the bargain of the summer yet. He’ll take no nonsense in the EPL.

Did you see the Chelsea FC twitter account, which has form on this, comment on the sending off?

Typical denial from those loathsome cunts.


He didnt get that for nothing.

Lucas off to Galatasary, sad to see him go, always came across as an alright sort and a very good pro but there was probably no future for him there with the number of midfielders present

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No longer a matter of whether we will win the league, it’s a matter of by how much.

We should have won 4-0 tonight.

But 2-1 will do.

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I was using the wrong thread. I didn’t realise 2017 is nearly upon us. Where do the years go eh?

Anyways as I said in the other thread, they will go and lose at home to Hull next week. If they do manage to win that then they win the league. Simple as.

Liverpool will win fuck all without an injury free 20-25 goal a season striker.

That’s going to make or break it.

Really puts the excellent 1-1 draw that Spurs achieved when Liverpool visited White Hart Lane into perspective.

That’s a great win for the lads. Klopp to the top